Emmy and OSCAR Award winner for technical achievement, Chairman of the ASC Technical Committee Camera Subcommittee. Author of several books on cinematography and technology. Is one of the main leaders and contributors of the web magazine “Creative Cow”. Films he has worked on as VFX Supervisor includes: James Bond/Quantum of Solace, X-men, Star Trek and Batman. Member of Producers Guild of America, Visual effects Society and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)


Philippe Ros, afc, is a cinematographer, a Digital Imaging Supervisor, specialized, through workflows and ergonomics customizations, to provide solutions tailored to directors, producers, cinematographers special requests and demands. Philippe Ros is working closely with the Imago Committee for creative Technologies in Cinematography.


Kommer Kleijn, DoP and Stereographer but also in research and standardization. He teaches in film schools and to professionals. SBC and EDCF board member, chaired the IMAGO tech committee and SMPTE 21DC sub-committees. A regular speaker on international events he was awarded the "Bert Easey Technical Achievement Award" by the BSC. His latest 3D pic "Above Us All" won the ‘Best Feature’ award at the 3D Image festival, Lodz, 2014.




Rolf Coulanges bvk is cinematographer with wide experience in Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean with emphasis on films about music, dance and experiments. Appointed tenured professor for cinematography at the University of Media Stuttgart with research focus on digital film. Published works about lighting in painting and film and the work of Renato Berta, Raoul Coutard and Robby Müller


Cem Ozkilicci has been a colourist for over a decade working in various markets including Denmark, Norway, Poland and USA. Over the years, he has collaborated with DOPs such as Pawel Edelman (PSC), Claudio Miranda (ASC), Anthony Dod Mantle (DFF, BSC, ASC) and John Christian Rosenlund (FNF). With vast technical knowledge and an incredible artistic skill-set, he has recently joined Alter Ego in Toronto, Canada as senior colourist.


Alex Forsythe is Imaging Engineering Manager for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and technical lead for the Academy’s ACES project. He has nearly 20 years of experience in building color managed imaging systems for motion picture, still photography, and medical imaging applications. Prior to his time at the Academy, Alex worked at Intel Corporation and the Imaging Science Division of the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories. Alex holds a BS in Biomedical Photography and MS in Printing Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.


Bjørn Alexander Brem is lawyer for the Norwegian Filmmaker´s Association and Director´s Guild of Norway, specializing in filmaker´s authorship- and working rights.

He is a member in the FERA Legal Expert group.



Daniele Siragusano spent almost five years at CinePostproduction in Munich, rising to head of technology before moving to dve Digital Video & Effects GmbH as a workflow consultant. Daniele utilise his experience and workflow expertise at FilmLight, helping existing and potential customers achieve the best productivity and creativity in their own unique setups. Baselight is widely regarded as the most interoperable professional grading system available, and he assists companies in accommodating FilmLight technology at every stage of production and post-production.


Brett Danton has been working as a cinematographer for more than 20 years, also in advertising for companies like Emirates and Virgin Airlines, Land Rover and Jaguar cars and more.

He is mostly working with the Canon EOS cameras, especially the new C700, and he will during ODCC 2017 talk about his experiences with these cameras, and the advantages with a RAW workflow.



Daniela Kesselem is the product manager of CW Sonerdoptics, producing Leica lenses.

By education she is a laser technical engineer specialist in motion picture optics.

She has a variety of knowledge not only on mechanical and optical design parameters but also what direct networking with the film and television market requires and hence a better understanding of the needs.

The requirements of today’s cine optics are so diverse that not only the sharpness and contrast are of mayor importance, but more than ever the overall image is of highest significance. The perfect picture is the holy grail that everybody wants to achieve. Therefore, the cine world is a symbiosis of the technical and the artistic world.



Lucnaio Tovoli has photographed close to 90 feature films during his career, and has worked with many of the legends in the film industry; not least Ettore Scola and Michelangelo Antonioni.

Luciano Tovoli initiated the foundation of IMAGO, the European Federation of





Jannicke Mikkelsen is a cinematographer and VR film director/producer based in London.

Educated at the National Film School in the UK, she has amongst others produced and directed the 3D/VR live Queen concert film (2016) in Barcelona, and has been recognized as one of the most influential women in tech in 2017.

Jannicke Mikkelsen is a member of fnf, the IMAGO Committee for Creative Technologies in Cinematography (CCTC), and a member of the SMPTE UK.



Mick van Rossum is a cinematographer and lecturer, a member of NSC and the co-chair of the IMAGO Committee for Creative Technology in Cinematography.



Swiss/German DP Matthias Bolliger studied cinematography in Zurich, Berlin and Hamburg and has since 2004 worked as a free lance cinematographer on feature films, music videos, Tv-drama and documentaries. His first feature was nominated for the German Camera Award in 2008, and Bollinger has since received several awards for his work..

Matthias Bolliger is also a lecturer for Cinematography at the Hamburg Media School (HMS), the International Film School (IFS) Cologne and the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. He is member of the German Film Academy.



Sebastian Leske is Product Specialist & Marketing Manager Cinematography, Sony Professional Solutions Europe, Sony Europe Limited.

Sebastian Leske has worked for Sony for almost 10 years, as a Product Manager for Professional Monitors, Camcorders and CineAlta cameras. During that time he has introduced cutting-edge technologies, products and workflows for the European market. These have included the first Professional OLED reference monitor, the F5 and F55 CineAlta cameras, the XAVC codec and the PXW-FS7 camera. Sebastian recently spent more than 6 months in Japan working within Sony's product planning team.




Svend Even Hærra is an award winning cinematographer and a member of fnf.

He is now working in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation with developing VR productions for television, also VR 360 drama series. Several of the productions have received international acclaim.




Tamara Seybold has been a digital imaging scientist at ARRI since 2012. After graduating in electrical engineering and information technology at Technical University of Munich, she completed a PHD in Motion Picture Camera Denoising. Her scientific work includes a wide range of denoising methods in addition to image quality studies and visual perception research. At ARRI she aims increasing image quality as a member of the camera development department and her work is implemented in the Amira and SXT cameras.




Bendik Bryde is a development manager for the Norwegian company Piql. His academic background stems from a strong combination of business and social science, with a special keen interest in history and how we take care our cultural-historical heritage. Through the work in Piql he is enabled to work with organizations around Europe to safeguard their most irreplaceable digital assets.




Cédric Lejune is digital cinema and video workflows infrastructures and colour science specialist.

In 2015 he joined Ymagis to supervise the postproduction and mastering labs for digital cinema in the group. Lejune is today the VP of Technology and Innivation in Eclair. He led the development of EclairColor, the Eclair HDR solution for cinema.

Cédric Lejeune is a member of the CST and the SMPTE.





Cinematographer turned developer of tools for film- and TV productions.

Worked for NRK, Filmhuset and LABO prior to co-founding Quine late 2016

Has worked on the POPART and LADIO Horizon 2020 projects, focusing on developing advanced tools for modern film-productions.


Quine is currently working with partners and on productions in US and China, in addition to working with our Norwegian and European partners.




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