Oslo Digital Cinema Conference

September 8th to 10th 2017



IMAGO and fnf the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers will in cooperation with the

Norwegian Film Institute and Nordisk Film & TV Fond, arrange the

2017 Oslo Digital Cinema Conference. The dates: September 8th to 10th.

Target group: Cinematographers. (Also, Production designers, Directors, Producers, Post-production personnel)

Location: The Norwegian Film Institute, Dronningens gate 16, 0152 Oslo





Friday September 8th


11.00 Arrival and registering. Coffee.

11.30 Conference opening and welcome.

11.45 Shooting with Canon´s new C700 and advantages with RAW workflow during production.

Dp Brett Danton

12.30 Next generation imaging and the impact of HDR.

Dave Stump ASC/ASC Technical Committee. .

13.30 Next generation CineAlta camera – Why going full frame?

Sebastian Leske, Sony

14.00 High Dynamic Range for Cinema Screens: why does it matter?

Cédric Lejune, Éclair-Color

14.45 Coffee

15.30 35mm, 5000ISO high speed sensors: My experiences working with Panasonic's low-light Varicam.

Matthias Bolliger DP

16.00 Master Class: Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC work and experiences with director M. Antonioni on amongst others, “Professione: Reporter”.

Moderator: Kjell Runar Jenssen

17.15 Drinks and social mingling in the Norwegian Film Institute Café.

Sponsored by IMAGO and fnf

18.00 Screening of “Professione: Reporter”

(Dir. M. Antonioni - Cinematography: Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC)

20.00 Short q+a with Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC.



Saturday September 9th


09.30 Coffee

10.00 Cinematographer´s Author rights: Case study direct injection Norway.

Bjørn Alexander Brem F©R/NFF

10.30 Creative cinematography and camera control: Texture and look of the image, how to control it.The prominent role of lenses choice.

Philippe Ros AFC/IMAGO, Mick van Rossum NSC/IMAGO and Rolf Coulanges BVK/IMAGO

11.00 Digital Cameras: Exposure today and tomorrow.

Dr Tamara Seybold, ARRI

11.30 Lunch and coffee

12.15 ACES: Experiences, new developments and the future:

Alex Forsythe AMPAS/ACES

13.00 Color appearance and preferred colour reproduction. Live on screen demo: Daniele Siragusano/FilmLight

14.00 Lens challenges in larger Format Cinematography:

Daniela Kesselem CW Sonderoptics

14.45 Coffee

15.30 Seeing the World from a new angle: How does Tv-companies prepare for Virtual reality:

Svend Even Hærra fnf

16.00 Virtual reality 3D: Case study: The Champions.

Jannicke Mikkelsen

16.30 Educating filmmakers…for VR? - Exploring the storytelling and artistic potential of 360°, immersive and interactive technologies.

Fredrik Graver HIL

17.30 Film screening “La Grande Bellezza”.

Q+a Cinematographer Luca Bigazzi

20.30 Party! Food, drinks, social mingling for all delegates.

Hosted by Storyline, Imago and fnf.


Sunday September 10th


09.30 Coffee

10.00 Robust efficient workflows for Drama productions: The new QuineBox IoT..

Gunnleik Groven.

10.30 Master Class: Luca Bigazzi. Moderated by Cecilie Semec fnf and Rolv Haan fnf

With almost 40 international Awards, Luca Bigazzi is one of Europe´s most celebrated and award-winning cinematographers. His long-time work with

director Paolo Sorrentino is highly respected, and has resulted in films like the Oscar winning and acclaimed “La Grande Bellezza”.

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Archiving our images for the future: Over 50% of the films made after 1950 in the American Film Catalogue is lost. In the digital world archiving is even

more problematic.

Bendik Bryde PIQL

14.15 IMAGO Official Requests to Manufacturers: How to ensure cameras are maximally constructed and described to suit cinematographer´s needs.

Mick van Rossum NSC/ Rolf Coulanges BVK/Philippe Ros AFC

15.00 Conference end

And more: There will be social gatherings, updates on IMAGO´s World-wide work, information on new developments to ease the work of Cinematographers and film workers. New cameras and equipment will be presented on exhibition for hands on. The IMAGO Board, the IMAGO Technical Committee and representatives from the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) will have meetings during the Conference.


Participation fee:


The participation fee: NOK 1.650.- (EUR 165.-) for companies and non-IMAGO members.

NOK 950.- (Eur 100.-) for members of Imago Societies, The Norwegian Society of Cinematographers fnf and Norsk filmforbund nff (The Norwegian Union of Filmworkers).

The participation fee includes coffee all days, lunch Saturday and Sunday, and party with dinner Saturday.


Apply for grant:


IMAGO has a number of grants to cover the participation fee for Imago Society members who are travelling from abroad with extensive travel expenses. When registering, please apply for this grant.




The Norwegian Film Institute, Oslo, Norway. MAP here.


Conference Hotels:


The Conference hotels are Comfort Hotel Borsparken, Thon Hotel Panorama and Thon Hotel Opera.

The conference hotels might be filled up quickly, but there are also other convenient and reasonably priced hotels in the nearby vicinity. Please contact us for information or help if needed.



Registration deadline: September 1st 2017

For registration by Norwegian cinematographers and film colleagues, please register here:


For foreign registration or further information, contact Paul René Roestad on

Telephone +47 9209 1400



Telephone +47 9209 1400

Location: Dronningensgate 20



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