Oslo Digital Cinema Conference

IMAGO/FNF Oslo Digital Cinema Conference 2019

Oslo is again the place to discuss the new and latest technical and artistic developments,

techniques and production methods for cinematography and film production.

The Oslo Digital Cinema Conference will be arranged from

October 18th to 20th, at the Norwegian Film Institute, in downtown Oslo.

International experts will be holding lectures, new equipment and production methods will be discussed,

camera and equipment manufacturers will be there to present their plans for the future.

Conference focus:

More than 200 cinematographers and experts from all corners of the World will attend.

The main topics this year will be: 

  • Film screenings, master classes and q+a with award winning international cinematographers.
  • Cinematographer´s experiences and challenges when working for Netflix and other major international

         streaming film producing companies. Case studies

  • Colour management and post production workflows for Netflix: Case studies

  • Cinematographers needs control of their images! How can we improve the situation?

  • New creative tools for colour correction on set.

  • The need for closer collaboration between cinematographers and colour graders

  • Updates from major camera equipment producers on plans and new developments.

  • How to maintain similar look when director and cinematographer changes during tv series

         productions: Case studies.

  • Manufacturer´s plans for new sensors.

  • Shooting with large camera sensors – do we need to prepare to change our shooting format?

  • Latest developments in lens technology, also lenses for large camera sensors.

  • Netflix plans for Scandinavia and Northern Europe: how should national producers and cinematographers prepare?

  • Green filmmaking: Is it time also film productions take their part of the responsibility to have a

         world to leave to film crews coming after us?

  • New developments in lighting techniques, equipment and technologies.

  • Do cinematographers need standardized camera menu options more in line with our daily challenges?

         IMAGO´s requests to manufacturers: The IMAGO Technology Committee informs

  • Diversity, gender and inclusion: Case studies: How can we influence film productions to hire crews

         better reflect the society we live in?

  • Equipment exhibition: Camera and equipment manufacturers will be there to tell you about the latest developments with their cameras and equipment, with hands-on demonstrations.
  • We will discuss creative cinematography and camera control, the challenge of restoring and archiving of our images for future generations, remote cinematography, new developments in VR/VFX, to mention just some of the Conference content.
  • In addition, social mingling, networking parties/gatherings for all participants, and much more.


The IMAGO Board and IMAGO Committees will have meetings, there will be parties and social gatherings in the evenings, to go on with discussions, to connect, to network and to  be inspired by your international colleagues.

The IMAGO/FNF Oslo Digital Cinema Conference is reputed to one of the most valuable international conferences for digital cinematography.

The 2019 Conference will be maintaining that reputation.

Full and detailed program will be published mid September on and





Telephone +47 9209 1400

Location: Dronningensgate 20

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